Update OpenLucius | January 2016


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Joris Snoek
Business Dev

First of all: we are out of RC, we have a 1.0 release!

Furthermore, as we continue our journey in 2016, here's the overview of updates we just pushed. These improvements are already available for all customers in our OpenLucius cloud, if you use the open source version: download and install the latest release via Drupal.org.

1. Inline images

Lots of users requested this, we made it available in this module. Our cloud users already have this enabled. Of course, these images can only be seen and directly url’d if you are a member of the group the image is placed. So your inline images are safe.

2. Who liked

You can now see who liked an item. In previous versions you could only see how may likes an item had.

3. Group activity stream

We added an activity stream for each group.

4. Group options in drop down

  1. In previous versions these tasks lived on the bottom of the group dashboard, now they are placed more usable where you expect them to be.

5. User Activity stream

6. User dashboard has tabs now

  1. Interactive tabs, in previous versions all info was on one (too) big ‘user dashboard’ page.

7. Big ‘Save’ button in right sidebar (add/edit)

8. Admin (uid 1) end-user ready

In previous versions admin (uid 1) was not suitable to use as end-user. We fixed this, this also was a wish of multiple Drupal community members. Now a quick test (also on Simplytest) is more easy: install and test directly without adding more users.

9. Timetracker, budget in right sidebar

If you enabled the timetracker, you can now see the budget of a todo in the right sidebar.

10. Check-to-close-todo now also on user dashboard

  1. Check will close todo, just like on group dashboard.

11. Notify admins of new users (optional)

If you wish, OpenLucius can send a notification to users with role ‘admin’ when a new user is added, so you can screen this. You can configure this in ‘configuration’. More info.

12. Simplytest fixed

It is now possible to test OpenLucius on SimplyTest.me.

13. On group delete also delete all items

When you delete a group, all items will now also be deleted to keep it clean.

14. Message when a todo-list is not yet created

If you add a todo in a group and there is no todo-list added yet, it will display the above message.

15. Updated all extra plugin modules

We updated all OpenLucius add-on modules where necessary:

16. Misc