Update OpenLucius | September 2015


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Joris Snoek
Business Dev

Yes, we did it again! After some weeks of hard work, lots of coffee and allnighters we released a new version of our Drupal distro OpenLucius. These are the most important new features: 

1. Notifications

In the main menu you'll see a notification center permanently, also on mobile. You'll receive notifications of following actions:

  • When you are 'manually' checked in the 'notifications' tab, when a new item is created.
  • When someone places a comment on an item you liked.
  • When someone likes an item you also liked.
  • Comments on items you placed.

2. Direct messages

For one-on-one messages between two persons.

3. Like buttons

You can now like all items and commnents.

4. Personal Todo’s

You can now add todo's, that are invisible for other people. You'll be the only one that can see these todo's on your personal and global calendar.

5. Mobile optimizations

We optimimized lots of mobile stuff, but the most important are the responsiveness of these two:

6. Cover images & thumbnails / logo's





7. Status updates

You can now add status updates on the homepage. You can also use your mobile camera here.

8. Signature

You can now add a signature in your profile. And choose to place that signature automaticly when you post an item or comment.

9. Add Todo's from 'All todo's list'

10. Colorizer

If you are an administrator, you can now pick your own colors in OpenLucius!