Update OpenLucius | RESTful API released


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Joris Snoek
Business Dev

So, what's a web product without a proper RESTful API? We think it is a must have in the connected world nowadays. So with help of the Services module we build the RESTful web services module for Drupal Social intranet OpenLucius.

So now you can connect all your external apps, go headless!


This module will provide all needed endpoints to connect an external app to OpenLucius:

  • Authentication
  • User CRUD
  • User activation / deactivation
  • Add users to groups
  • Add users to teams
  • Remove users from group
  • Move nodes to other group
  • Group CRUD
  • Message CRUD
  • Team CRUD
  • Text document CRUD
  • Todo CRUD
  • Todo-list CRUD
  • Comments CRUD

Documentation and test directly

We implemented Swagger that generates comprehensive documentation. You can also test the API directly. Please check http://api.openlucius.com

Download and install

See the project page on Drupal.org