Update OpenLucius | March 2016


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Node Author
Joris Snoek
Business Dev

We updated social intranet OpenLucius (a Drupal distribution) with 6 new functions. Without further ado, let's dive into it:

1. Document management revamped

We completely renewed the document management system. It’s now much more usable and recognizable (Apple Finder / MS Exploder -like); intuitive file management out of the box. Check out this demo video (from ~ 1:24):

2. Login automatically via ‘app’

You can bookmark OpenLucius as an ‘app’ on your smartphone homescreen. If you make this bookmark via the new ‘Use as app’, then you will automatically login when you hit the OpenLucius ‘App’ on your homescreen:

1. Click on ‘Use as App’ on your user dashboard:

2. ‘Add to homescreen’ on your smartphone:

3. Order Todo-lists

You can now order (arrange) todo-lists manually, please check out this video:

  1. Go to 'Todo's' in a Group
  2. Hit 'Order Todo-lists'
  3. Drag and drop the Todo-lists

4. ‘New’ badge at groups on homepage

If a group has new content for you, then it’ll show this ‘new’ badge:

5. Send notification directly when you add an inline Todo from the dashboard

6. ‘Read more’ in news tab

The content per news item will now show a ‘read more’ button, so there is a better overview. This is a contrib update, see https://www.drupal.org/project/openlucius_news:

7. Misc fixes

  • Fixed some translations
  • Clients can not see the newstab anymore
  • Icons fixed on user dashboard
  • Removed ‘weight’ in display for end-user, at node/add/todo
  • Access denied to direct node/add/xx links in Groups a user is not member of
  • Fix for inline images
  • Fix for links in notification center
  • Fixed counts in ‘new’ badge in ‘Status updates’ and ‘News’ tabs.
  • Fix for events detail page: it now shows the date repeats correct

8. Fixed community issues