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Joris Snoek
Business Dev

We updated OpenLucius, an open source work management system -contributed as a Drupal distribution. These are the most important improvements:

1.Modern layout for folders and files

The app ‘files’ takes care of central management of files and folders. Prevents messy document management on 'G-drives' and in email boxes. You can see the old layout in this video (we will update it soon):

The new layout:

Top 3 improvements:

  • Added thumbnails of images
  • Mobile ready, so you can tap on file/folder with your finger.
  • See where a file originated from (a message, task, event or ‘isolated file upload’), who placed it and when.

2. New group overview

This is a central view of all content in a group. It has an ‘activity stream’, which lets gives you insight in statistics -and recent activity.

The former group dashboard was a confusing 'hope with content', the new overview provides a better overview of statistics and all activities within the group. Depending on the enabled apps, you can find a summary of the content here.

Tasklist and Taskboard

  • Total tasks.
  • Open tasks.
  • Your open tasks.


  • Total messages
  • Total messages added last week


  • Upcoming events

Book (wiki)

  • Totaal book pages


  • Random members in this group


  • A cover image, logo and description: to give the group an own identity, so users are provided with some cool recognition :)
  • Recent activity stream.

3. Enable and disable apps in a Group | improved design

It turned out that en/disabling apps per group was not clear for many users: the screen was too technical. Hence the re-vamp, including descriptions of what members can do with each app:

4. Boek pagina’s (wiki) re-design

The Book app is a place for documentation, similar to a wiki. Think of a staff handbook, project agreements or project notes. Revisions are tracked automatically, so all group members can contribute safely.

In this video you’ll see the old layout (we hope to also update this video soon).

The new, clean layout:

And the overview of book pages in a group:

5. Group settings | improved layout

Same here, this screen was too technical, causing many users were unaware of its features:

  • Ability to work with clients in a group.
  • Open Group: accessible to everyone.
  • Enter social stuff: cover image, group logo and description.

~37 minor optimizations and bug fixes

There are also minor changes done for optimizations in layout and several minor bugs fixed.

That’s all folks

That’s it for now. If you encounter an issue or have a feature request, please add it in the issue Q on Drupal.org.

Download OpenLucius here for free >>

Thanks in advance, happy collaboration!

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