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Joris Snoek
Business Dev

We just released a new version of Drupal social intranet OpenLucius on Drupal.org. A lot of stuff got tweaked last month, these are the most important new features:

1) Open groups: makes communication within your whole organization a breeze

In previous versions of OpenLucius there were only closed groups possible, now you can also add open groups. A lot of users gave us feedback: they missed a central information and communication feature in OpenLucius, where they could place for example:

  • Organization wide news
  • Central documents (for example: template documents)
  • Central pages (for example: house rules, quality books, etc)

Before this update you had to place everyone in a group by hand; now you can simply add an open group. Everybody has automatically access to open groups. So:

  1. Closed groups: only manually added users have access
  2. Open groups: everybody has access. You can however set an open group to clients = no, then clients don't have access; only internal people.

Open and closed groups are easily recognizable by the open/closed lock icon:

Adding an open group is easy:

  1. Add a new group
  2. Check 'Open group'

You can switch an existing group from open to closed and vice versa.

2) Better, more usable navigation

We got a lot of feedback on navigation within groups, it was not that usable. And we agreed on that, an update was inevitable :)

  1. See if this a open of a closed group: a locked or unlocked icon
  2. Navigation within groups, this is permanently visible within a group, wherever you are in the group.
  3. Add a logo, cover image and slogan for the group.

3) Find expertise faster: search in content and users with one click

You'll now automatically find experts within your organization that you never knew you had!

If you hit the top search button, OpenLucius will now also search in profile data of users. If it finds something there, you can see it instantly with help of a new search tab with a badge. That badge will show you instantly how many results it found in user profiles.

OpenLucius searches in all profile fields, like: 'about me', 'my fields of expertise', 'my labels', 'phone', 'email', 'address' and extra fields you add yourself.

So when you search, you'll instantly see that OpenLucius found something in user fields:

That's why 'search' is now called ' Everything and everybody'.

4) Manage email notifications

You will always see all your notifications in the notifications center; they will also be sent by email. Since this update you can disable those emails for your profile:

If you disable email notifications, you still will always see all your notifications in the notifications centrum in the main menu:

5) Group activity

Within groups you now have an extra tab: group activity. On the homepage you can still see the activity of all groups together.

Other tweaks and fixes

  • Optimized the todo breakdown feature
  • Notifications: the block 'teams' is not visible anymore when no teams are added to a group.
  • Secondary info on a todo page now lives in the right sidebar. For example: the due date.
  • Group administration: admins can now remove users from groups in bulk: by editing a profile and simply unchecking groups.
  • Extra white border for badges in main menu, so there will always be high contrast. Also for all custom colored main menu's.
  • Personal todo's: few fixes.
  • All filters in right sidebar: 100% width for sleeker design and better usability.
  • Comments at messages: now 300 per page.
  • Mobile: optimized 'edit' screens.
  • Email notification: background is now grey.
  • Fixed pager of files.
  • Group slogan css design fix, for mobile.
  • 'Me' is now 'Login' on login screen.
  • Removed todo fields on editing a comment of a message.
  • Moving items: group list now alphabetical.
  • Text documents: previews are now 100% clickable, not only titel anymore.
  • If you install the open source version, we added an extra step so you can fill out the necessary files directory:

That's all folks!

Questions or feedback, let me know.

Happy collaboration!