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Joris Snoek
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The use of basic functions in OpenLucius are pretty clear most of the time. Think of basics like: adding groups, members, tasks, messages, files, folders and book pages.

But there are many useful functions in Drupal distro OpenLucius that make working in it more fun and easy, but those functions are a little less obvious for end-users.

17 tips and tricks to work faster, smarter and more efficient:


1. Choose which apps are enabled by group:

2. Determine the order of the apps in a group:

You can determine the order of the enabled apps in a group, the foremost positioned app will automatically be default: it opens when you click on the group. By default this is 'Overview', but you can open 'Messages' as first by dragging it to the front for example.

3. Archive a group:

If you click on "Archive" under the drop-down button behind the group name (1), the group will be placed in the archive (2). A group can be reactivated at any time.


4. Easily prioritize tasks:

Through dragging them in the task board:

5. Manage the status of an assignment yourself:

  1. Click on Username -> 'Configuration'
  2. Hit tab 'Task statusses'
  3. Add new Terms
  4. Order Terms by drag and drop

6. "Open in new tab" shows the task in a full screen window, not in a pop-up:

Task list

7.Direct, adding assignments inline:

8. Press 't' to add a task directly:

From any screen OpenLucius you can type 't' on the keyboard: the "Add Task" window appears, in which you can directly enter a job in any group. If you are already in a group, that group will be automatically selected:


9. Show OpenLucius calendar in your own calendar:

This is possible in Outlook, Apple Calendar or Google Calendar; all the more common calendars support. Click on the orange icon at the bottom left of the calendar (the iCal feed):

10. Drag assignments on your personal and group calendar:

Move a task due date by dragging it from one day to another:


11. Easy placing multiple files in a folder:

Check files and drag them at once to a folder:

Book (wiki)

12. Revisions are tracked automatically when Book Pages are updated:

13. Easy overview of differences with the current and previous revision:

14. Easy building hierarchy in Book Pages.

Through dragging you can determine the order of the pages herein you could also make simple hierarchy by dragging a page to another page:

Collaborate with customers

15. Hiding comments for customers

If you work with clients, you can choose at every comment to hide it from the client.

Hidden comments are then given a dark background:


16. A placed YouTube link will automatically show the video:

17. Everyone can choose their preferred language:

Wrap up

This concludes this edition of Tips and Tricks for OpenLucius, there are many more skills; these are addressed in the next edition. Do you have any questions in the meantime?

Let us know!

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